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The Story of Realty Benefit

In 1999 as a single dad with joint custody it became quite overwhelming to be a broker selling real estate with two young boys in the back seat. Back then I had a handful of agents working out their homes as well as I.

In my prayers for help it came to me. My late father had 100 agents selling insurance under him, that was the answer! But the question was how?

I shared the idea with a great female friend. She is wonderful woman filled with faith and great business sense. Within days she sent me a web site that offered a “how to kit” from Broker out of state. I was on a plane within days.

He opened his books to me, he had a thousand agents. I took an equity line out on my house, leased an office in the fall of 2000’.

It wasn’t easy but I sure was excited and convinced that I had been given a gift. The key was creating a system that allows agents to keep almost 95% of what they earn. By 2001 I had my first 100 agents!

Today at Realty Benefit we still have that same contract.

It’s so great to see our agents succeed.

Please call me and see how you would benefit!

All the Best, Ken Straw
Broker/ Owner
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